POLBIT specializes in suppling off-lease and refurbished electronics which have gone through our quality management and assessment procedures.

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We offer a professional screen repair service for laptops and other mobile devices. One visit to our service department and your screen is as good as new.

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Need computer hardware for a few days? This is now possible with our easy and simple rental service of computers and computer equipment.

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How to choose the right monitor?

When deciding on a monitor, it is important to consider what type of work it is going to be used for.

Your ideal display panel must fulfill certain criteria. When choosing one remember about important parameters such as rise and fall response times, color mapping, viewing angle and contrast. Our specialists will be happy to help you make the right decision.

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Things to consider when choosing a computer.

When deciding on a computer you should probably ask yourself these two questions:

do you need a portable device?, and what do you need it for? Hardware used by a graphic designer will require much different parameters than an office computer. This drives the price so make sure you consider the purpose of your equipment.

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How to choose the right printer?

You should consider three things when buying a printer:

the type of documents you print, how often you print, and how much you print. Operational costs and profitability are based on printing technologies and performance.

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Sales channels

POLBIT models its sales channels to the needs of our customers. You can shop for high quality products online via our internet shop and/or two Allegro accounts set up for your convenience.

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